Sunday, August 29, 2010

My time out place

Hi Folks
Just relaxing

Welcome to my time out space. This is where the human sends me when she says I have been bad. I asked her what I was supposed to do here and she said that it was time that I learned some writing skills so that I could write a book. Well!!...A book?? What would I write a book about? Mills & Boon? Nah...Not my scene really. So if you have any ideas, I would appreciate hearing them.

Mama is trying me out on some new food. Well, I must say that is delish. But it come in such small tins...I could eat two. I think that the designers have made them for cats with anorexia. Don't they know that I  am a growing boy?
Mmmm, this is good

Hey. did you know that I have been help9ng the human with her studies. She is doing a  Diploma on Politics. Yes, if she sticks with me, she will be President.

Hang on...Gussy Boy is up to something...Gotta check that out, so, I'll catch ya later...Gotta run...

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